Growth is my business – what’s yours?

For the last decade I’ve consulted for companies to support their ambitions for growth, defining strategy, developing new business, and communicating to market. It’s what I’ve done throughout my career.

Industry Sectors

I’ve worked at the start of many new markets, whether prospecting for ASIC designs with the founders of Arm, developing the industry’s first GSM chipset ASSPs for Samsung mobile phones, or working with King Harald and the founders of Bluetooth at Ericsson.
Semiconductors, EDA, power electronics
Mobile phones & communications
Power transmission & generation
Optics, Lidar

Innovation means new markets – let me help create yours.

Richard Ord
I’ve consulted on emerging technologies in semiconductors, power electronics, MEMS, mobile phones, IoT and Lidar. I’ve launched flexible electronics, prospected for optics acquisitions for mobile phone cameras, promoted renewable energy for the UK government, and written business plans for Universities and investors.