What constitutes success for your business?

Business development is central to this consultancy: it’s what I’ve done throughout my career. So whether it’s strategy development, business planning, investment or market engagement, I can help with any aspect of growing your business and organisation.


Strategy development is all about setting a point on the horizon, putting together a plan to get there, and then taking the first steps to test out your hypothesis.

That doesn’t always mean you’ll get there, but at least you can navigate towards it, measure progress, and adjust your plan along the way.

One thing is for sure, without that strategic point on the horizon, you won’t get there.

Business development

My semiconductor career weaved its way from the boom and bust of home computers, through the start of custom ASIC, into chipsets for digital cellular phones and the advent of Bluetooth.

As a consultant, I’ve developed business in emerging markets spanning encryption, Bluetooth and Lidar, as well as IoT sensors and even an educational self-build robot toy.

Some assignments developed into multi-year engagements in power electronics, power generation & transmission, and renewable energy.

I’ve launched flexible electronics, identified optics acquisition targets for mobile phone cameras, promoted renewable energy for the UK government, and written business plans for the application of Single Photon Avalanche Diodes (SPADs) in automotive Lidar.

Mergers and acquisitions

An acquisitions project for a NASDAQ corporation began with: “Find me innovations, patents, businesses – software, hardware, optics: any technology relevant to mobile phone cameras…”.

A year of hands-free research – trawling patent databases, company websites, and exhibition listings – identified 150 European innovators, from which a dozen were analysed in depth.

But then, as happens in Silicon Valley, they switched strategy from IP licensing to module manufacture and the project came to an end.

Channels to market and strategic partnerships

“You’ve got your passport, product demo and a slide-deck ready to go… so who are the first five companies you want to go and see?”

It’s the first question I ask; if the answer isn’t self-evident, the challenge is to find effective channels to market.

The obvious route may be to jump right in, recruit a global team, and appoint distributors, but there are other ways to develop business and bridge that risk.

Are there strategic partners with an established reputation and footprint in your market?

The right strategic partners can bring access to a ready-qualified market.